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Social Media Bootcamp Agenda

  • The day begins at 8:00am.
  • There are mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks both days as well as a networking lunch each day.
  • Each day of training usually wraps up at 5:00 pm.


Introduction/Bootcamp Binder Review/Agenda Review

Formula for Social Media Success

Developing Your Social Media Strategy

  • Why you should have a documented social media strategy
  • How to select the appropriate Internet Marketing techniques to include in your strategy
  • Learn a 9 step methodology to develop an effective Social Media Strategy
  • What your social media strategy looks like
  • How to measure your success
  • How to organize your social media activities to ensure everything gets done
  • How to organize your social media activities so you don't waste time
  • Tips on what to outsource and what to do in-house
  • How to develop your social media strategy - what elements should you include, who should be responsible, how often should you participate, how should you measure

Coffee Break


  • What are the 7 major marketing opportunities within Facebook
  • What is appropriate when - Page vs Place vs Profile
  • How to set up your Facebook Page
    • For search engine optimization
    • For maximum impact
    • With consistent branding
  • Four "musts" for your Profile Picture
  • How to set your custom Landing Tab to increase Likes
  • What are iFrames and how do I use them to incorporate content
  • What tabs should I incorporate into my Page and how do I do it
    • Photos? Video? Twitter? YouTube? Other?
  • How to decide which apps are right for your Facebook Page
  • How to maximize your marketing effort and ROI while minimizing the time spent in Facebook


Facebook - How to do more business

  • Top 10 ways to grow your fans
  • How to find relevant target market and encourage them to become Fans
  • What works and what doesn't in terms of Page content
  • How to encourage interactivity and what are the benefits
  • What is considered great content and where do I find it
  • How to leverage your Facebook posts
  • What is tagging, why do I care and how do I do it
  • Should I "like" other pages? Which ones? Why?
  • How do I respond to negative content
  • How to use the "Questions" feature on Facebook to engage your Fans
  • What are Facebook Lists and how do I use them to maximize my Facebook marketing

Coffee Break

Facebook Advertising

  • Why, when and how to do Facebook advertising
  • Facebook ad walk-through - step-by-step
  • How to maximize your Facebook advertising budget
  • How to build fans with Facebook ads
  • How to send traffic to your web site with Facebook ads
  • How to get attention with Facebook ads
  • How often should I change my ads
  • How to maximize your ROI with Facebook ads

Coffee Break

Facebook Groups

  • What are Facebook Groups and how do I use them
  • What is the difference between "old" groups and "new" groups
  • How, when and why should you use Facebook groups

Facebook Marketplace

  • What is Marketplace
  • Who should use Marketplace - why, when and how

Facebook Places

  • What is Facebook Places all about
  • How to claim your Place
  • Checking in - How does this work
  • Five ways to use Facebook Places to do more business

Facebook Deals

  • What is Facebook Deals all about
  • Who can use Facebook Deals
  • How to use Facebook Deals to do more business

Hootsuite and other Timesaving tools

  • What is Hootsuite and why should I use it
  • How to use Hootsuite effectively
  • Twelve Hootsuite features and elements you should always use
  • How to use Hootsuite to measure your social media effectiveness
  • How to use Hootsuite to managing and monitor staff social media efforts
  • How to manage multiple social networks effectively through Hootsuite
  • Other timesaving tools to leverage and manage your social media efforts




  • How to maximize YouTube marketing
  • How to set up your own channel
  • How to leverage every video you put on YouTube
  • How to integrate YouTube videos into your site
  • How to maximize your marketing with titles, descriptions and tags
  • How to maximize your search engine optimization with YouTube
  • Learn the latest features available to maximize the marketing of your YouTube videos
  • Leveraging your videos through syndication


  • What is Flickr
  • How to set up your own channel
  • Free or Pro?
  • How to integrate Flickr photos into your site
  • How to abide by the rules and still maximize your marketing through your Flickr photos


  • How blog content can integrate with your social media applications to save you time and money
  • How often do these need to be updated
  • What content works best
  • How to maximize SEO with blogs

Coffee Break


  • To tweet or not to tweet ... that is the question
  • How to decide what to tweet and how often
  • Should you have more than 1 Twitter account
  • How to grow your targeted followers
  • What type of interaction works best with your followers
  • Effective Twitter Techniques to do more business
  • How to measure results from your Twitter marketing
  • How to personalize your Twitter background
  • How to have Twitter update your other social media content


  • Should I have a LinkedIn strategy
  • How to set up your LinkedIn Profile for maximum exposure
  • How should I use LinkedIn for marketing
  • Why and How to get more recommendations
  • How to use LinkedIn Questions for greater exposure
  • What opportunities does LinkedIn provide for our operation
  • Maximizing your SEO with LinkedIn


Other Social Media opportunities explained

  • FourSquare
  • Augmented Reality
  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • Other

Social Media Metrics

  • How do I measure my social media success
  • What social media metrics are important and where do I access them
  • What Facebook metrics are most important and where do I access them?
  • What Twitter metrics are most important and where do I access them?
  • What YouTube metrics are most important and where do I access them?
  • What is web traffic analysis software and how do I access and use it?
  • What kind of information can I access from these reports?
  • Which web traffic reports are most important

Coffee Break

Social Media Integration

  • How to maximize your social media integration on your web site
  • 5 major very costly mistakes made by 95% of organizations with respect to their social media strategy
  • Social media marketing covered in-depth on Day 2 afternoon (see further on this agenda)

Getting the Sale through Social Media

  • Three ways to get the sale through social media
  • How to sell directly through your social media accounts and how to set this up
  • How to sell indirectly through social media
  • The mobile explosion - how to leverage to get the sale
  • The mobile explosion - how you may be shutting the door on your customer
  • Leveraging your social media customer
  • How to increase your share of wallet or sales per customer
  • Is your web site ready for the social media customer or turning them off

QR Codes

  • What are QR codes
  • How to develop your QR codes
  • The 7 best ways to use QR codes in travel and tourism

Augmented Reality

  • What is augmented reality
  • How to use augmented reality to increase sales

Graduation from Bootcamp


What People are Saying:
"Clear, engaging speaker.Timely topic. Lots of \"new to me\" information."
-Mr. C Lee, Boal Mansion Museum
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