3G Marketing - Blogs part 1 of 2

What is 3G Marketing?

Just a quick re-cap from the last newsletter, 3G, simply, means third-generation Internet marketing.

This newsletter will focus on BLOGS and is part 1 of a 2 part series.

Blogs - What Are They?

Blogs are simply web logs on a web site - An online journal of postings that is updated on a regular basis, with the most recent posting appearing at the top. Blogs are usually written in a conversational style and can include text, images and links to other content such as podcasts, video files or even other web sites.

The term "Blogging" referrs to the actual writing of the content of your blog. Each article you add to your blog is called a post or an entry.

Blogs can help you keep your web site current as they are an easy way to add new content to your site. They can be used to provide your potential and existing customers with the latest news on your products and services, industry news, updates, tips, or other relevant content.

Blogs are usually pretty informal and can be great for relationshop building. Blogs tend to focus on a niche and just about every niche is covered. From blogs related to the music industry, cheat sheets for online games, childrens products, travel to just about everything in between.

Although blogs are a relatively easy way to communicate with your target audience, they are not right for everyone. Please read on to help determine if they are right for you.

Offshoots From Blogs

Like with many marketing techniques, blogs have many offshoots. The most similar offshoot, and the one that many people get confused with, is a Wiki. A blog has only one writer and each post is presented in chronological order. A wiki, on the other hand, uses the same technology as a blog but it allows anyone to post and it is not necessarily in chronological order like a blog.

A few other offshoots of blogs are:

  • Moblogging - Moblog is a blend of the words mobile and weblog. This is where the posting to a blog is in real time from a camera phone, PDA or other handheld device

  • Videoblogging - Usually shortened to vlog, is a blog that includes video. Regular entries are typically presented in reverse chronological order and often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text and images.
  • Flogs or fake blogs - This is probably one of the more interesting, yet controversial, offshoots. This is when corporations have employess use an assumed name to start a fake blog simply to gain access to the media to plug the company's products or services. A great example of this is when RIM set up a flog about their blackberry, although this is just a rumor that was circulating, it's still a great example! They had someone set up a blog, using an assumed name, for the sole purpose of telling the public insider secrets of the new blackberry just as it was going into production. As a result, RIMs stock prices went up. A good example of marketing through blogs but not for everyone.

How To Determine If A Blog Is Right For You

Blogs were probably one of the first new entries into Internet marketing in the 3rd generation. Because of this reason there was a lot of buzz created around them and just about everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Since then about 82% of blogs have been abandoned.

As with everything related to your Web site content, you must go back to your objectives and target markets to help you determine if a blog is right for you.

Like all marketing opportunities, blogs have both pros and cons that must be considered:

  • Blogs are an easy way to add new content to your site and keep it current
  • Blogs can be used to provide your current and potential customers with the latest news on products and services, to provide industry news, updates, tips or other relevant content
  • Using keyword-rich content can help your search engine placement
  • Blogs can be updated from anywhere
  • You can use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your topic area
  • You can create an RSS feed to syndicate your blog, giving you instant access to your subscribers
  • Blogs need to be constantly updated. At a minimum of 3 times per week, you need to have the discipline to keep it current
  • You have to have enough news or new content to make it worthwhile for both you and your
  • Updates to blogs usually get done on you own personal time
  • The time spent updating blogs could be used towards something more productive
  • The time to update is often under-estimated
  • The marketing impact is often over-estimated - how many times have you bookmarked a blog and gone back on a regiular basis?

While blogs can be a great way to "speak to" your target market and keep them up to date on all the latest news on your products and services, you must determine if there is a more effective, time efficient way to communicate.

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