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Effective marketing with Landing Pages

A landing page is a Web page created for the specific purpose of driving the target market towards some intended action based on the offer presented in an online ad. The action you want the target market to take might be to view a virtual tour, join your e-club, make a reservation, request a visitor's guide, and so on. The key is that the landing page is geared towards racking up conversions; to convert browsers to buyers.

The way your landing page shapes up depends entirely on your business objectives, your target market, and your offer itself. A complex product or service will likely require a lead generation form, while a simple product such as a book or standard cruise package would benefit from providing the target market with immediate access to purchase process. The landing page should focus on only what needs to be present to get the job done - keep it focused.

You will learn:
  • The essential elements on landing pages to convert
  • How to leverage your landing pages to maximize your objectives
  • The impact of your landing page on the search engines
  • Testing strategies to improve the effectiveness of your landing page
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