This newsletter's hot topic is: Social Media – What Gets Indexed by the Search Engines

-    Where in the world is Susan? I am in Florida working with several clients, I have just sent the 8th edition of 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site to my publisher and am writing a social media e-book for bed and breakfasts to be complete before I speak for PAII in Austin, Texas on March 9 and 10.

-    Hot Topic: Social Media – What Gets Indexed by the Search Engines

-    Susan Recommends: Miss Mediosa

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Feb. 26, 2010
Volume VII, Issue 27

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December and January were crazy busy with three books (Social Media for Business, 101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home 4th edition, and 101 Internet Ways to promote Your Web Site 8th edition) due and sent to my publisher. I’ll let you know when they are available through this newsletter.

Speaking was busy as well - I spoke for America Outdoors in Reno, the South Dakota Governors Conference on Tourism in Pierre and delivered the 2 day Tourism Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Georgia at the Cuscowilla Golf Resort in Lake Oconee.

We are now into the 2nd month of 2010 and I hope your Internet and Social Media marketing activities are in full swing. If you’re falling behind don’t despair ... just get to it. I had a chance to spend some time with a speaker colleague in South Dakota who left me with a great approach. Mark LeBlanc ( says that the beginning of every month is the beginning of a new year. I may be misquoting but what I took away was that we have 12 sets of 30 days in a year and we should set our goals every 30 days. It’s been working for me :) Maybe it will work for you too. Thanks, Mark.

After my last newsletter on Social Media and SEO I had a number of you asking what specifically gets indexed by the search engines so I thought that would be great content for this newsletter.

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There has been a great response to our request for suggested topics to be included in our Webinar Series. Thanks for the requests.  We will have the new line up in the next newsletter.

Want the Internet Marketing Bootcamp to Come to Your Area? 

These days, I am delivering the two day Internet Marketing Bootcamp for corporations, organizations and their members as a private event. Basically the organization hires me to deliver the Bootcamp. – it is their event. If the organization that puts on the Internet Marketing Bootcamp wants to make it open to the public I will promote it to my database. The organization organizing the event sets the price and takes care of all the details. 

If you'd like to have an Internet Marketing Bootcamp in your area, call me at 902-468-2578 or send me an email at



Social Media – What Gets Indexed by the Search Engines 

By Susan Sweeney

So you use social media to market. You have built your networks, updated your profile and started socializing with people. What else can you do to maximize it to its fullest potential? Optimize it for search engines! Learn which parts of social media sites get indexed and use that knowledge to optimize it with your target keywords and provide links to your web site. Focus on those sections to reap the full effects of social media marketing.

For some social media sites like Twitter and Flickr, everything is indexed by the search engines. Twitter became a fast-rising star in the social media arena, known for its 140-posting limit. It became an instant favorite since people could send out quick news to their followers. Flickr, on the other hand, established itself as the best online photo management site. Flickr pages - profiles, photos, videos, groups and applications, all get indexed by search engines.

For most social media, however, not all the pages are indexed by search engines. They only choose certain sections and the rest are kept private. To know which ones to optimize, it is best to find out what pages gets indexed in our favorite social media sites.

There’s a subset of our LinkedIn Profile that gets indexed by search engines but the Recommendations, Groups, Applications and Micro-blogging sections in LinkedIn do not get indexed. LinkedIn is a social networking site that is best known for being business-oriented. Because of this, LinkedIn Job Postings and Answers also get indexed by search engines, as well as a subset of the company profile at the LinkedIn Company Page.

The phenomenal rise of Facebook has reaped varying reactions. It has changed the landscape of social media in more ways that one and it is what it is now, a tool that keeps people connected. Our Facebook profiles get indexed but very little information is shown. Facebook Pages and Groups are indexed while the Advertising and Applications sections are not.

YouTube is proof that people like to be entertained and prefer the visual experience above anything. The viral effect of YouTube is evident in the discoveries of talents worldwide, just like many of those featured in The Ellen Degeneres Show. The videos we upload on YouTube and the channels and groups we join all get indexed by search engines. However, the advertising and streams here do not.

Our profiles, group listings, the forums and our events calendar in MySpace all get indexed; same goes for our MySpace blogs. MySpace raked in users because it presented more functionalities than its counterpart back when they started. Users were able to express individuality in MySpace through their music and profile customization features. But as with Facebook and YouTube, advertising and applications on MySpace are not indexed by search engines.

Take advantage now and start optimizing your social media accounts. 

It is very important to keep this information in mind when setting up your profiles and developing your social media strategy. I can’t stress enough how important it is to either know this stuff or work with someone who does before you start your social media marketing. Almost every client I work with is not maximizing the opportunities available through social media marketing – don’t let this happen to you. 

Author: Internet marketing expert and best-selling author Susan Sweeney is devoted to helping you do more business online. To learn how to register for her free Internet marketing articles, visit

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An internationally recognized Internet marketing and e-business expert, Susan has delivered lively keynote speeches, workshops and Internet Marketing Bootcamps to audiences on 4 continents. She has developed Internet marketing training programs and delivers live Internet marketing webinars publicly and for corporations and industry associations.

Susan has written 8 books on Internet marketing and is currently writing Social Media for Business with Randall Craig (due out soon). Several of Susan’s best sellers include 101 Ways to promote Your Web Site, now in its 7th edition it has sold over 70,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into German and Spanish, and 101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home which has sold over 20,000 copies.

Susan is a partner is an award winning web development company, owns an online learning portal and several online businesses. She also provides consulting and coaching to select businesses and organizations.

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Susan Sweeney

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Miss Mediosa ( is a great social media management company – which just happens to be owned by my daughter, Kara. Kara was working for a business doing all their social media and having great success. Over the Christmas break she decided to start her own business managing social media for others.We had a great time discussing how a social media management company would run, how to maximize the marketing opportunities and how to provide the greatest value for clients. 

Miss Mediosa provides three different services – some clients choose all three – others just one or two. The services are:

  1. Development of a custom, detailed Social Media Strategy

  2. Social Media Accounts Set Up with customized backgrounds, channels and SEO

  3. Social Media Management/Implementation of the social media strategy

This is great for those that don’t have the time, don’t have the expertise or for those that want to have an organization that stays on top of the latest social media marketing opportunities handle these things for them. Give Kara a call at 403-598-9823 to discuss your needs and tell her Susan sent you :)

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