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-    Hot Topic:  “A Taste of Tweet Success: How To Maximize Your Business Using Twitter”

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Dec 18, 2009
Volume VII, Issue 26

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A Taste of “Tweet Success”: How To Maximize Your Business Using Twitter

Twitter has become the revolutionary method by which people broadcast their existence. The popularity of “micro blogging” has also caught-on in the world of business with companies making themselves known to more consumers and using it to interact with them. You too can maximize your business potential and reach out to the billions of users hooked on Twitter. This week, I’ll be giving you some helpful pointers on how to do it and have success. Kick-start your New Year!

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A Taste of “Tweet Success”: How To Maximize Your Business Using Twitter

By Susan Sweeney

Twitter began in 2006, as an experimental communication platform combining the concept of an “away message” and the ease in mobility of an SMS message. Since its formal launch in 2007, Twitter has become the social web tool of choice by many individuals who have loved it for its ease of use and for its versatility in reaching out to people. Although there are still those that don’t see what the hype is about and can’t make heads or tails of its uses, there are also those clever enough to reinvent it as an effective marketing tool to help their businesses reach its target markets and deliver value to them.

Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters, accessible via computer or cellphone. As a micro-blog, most of the posts are public, easy to read and easy to respond to. It is this “conversational method” that many companies take advantage of to reach their existing customers, engage new ones and also create partnerships with other business entities – clearly, a ground-breaking marketing scheme.

Maximize your market reach by getting more people to follow you on Twitter, so that more people can see you and listen to what you have to say. The simplest way to get more followers is to include your Twitter account as part of your signature in emails. Don’t forget to include your account details on your business card along with your other contact details such as phone number, mobile number and email. Your Twitter account can also be publicized in other social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn so that your immediate circle of friends, family and co-workers will know that you are twittering and thus would be more likely to follow you.

The success of a Twitter marketing strategy lies in one’s ability to find people relevant to your line of business. So, learning to pinpoint your target market is key. An effective way to start is to input any word relevant to your brand, your products and/or services, your target market or your business in the search field on the main page of Twitter, and all the “tweets” (the mini-messaging format used by Twitter) with this keyword will pop up. You can either follow the “twitterers” (Twitter users) using these words as they can be prospective clients or partners to do business with, or you can join in on their discussions and invite them to visit your website.

Before you start twittering it is crucial to determine what your business objectives are. Do you want to increase traffic in your website? Or introduce a new marketing promotional deal? Or would you like to know how you fare in terms of customer satisfaction? Twitter has several useful tools that can help improve your business such as doing a “sentiment analysis” to gauge popularity within a category. For your promotions, your business can offer deals via Twitter by offering coupons to interested parties. You can even go as far as determining who or what your business competitor is like with the people search tool. There is unlimited potential in the amount and quality of information that can be mined from Twitter and the best way to get started is to explore it using the tools, directories and searches available for your use.

 Another option that businesses can take advantage of is to set-up multiple Twitter accounts. This is a common practice among those who have a business Twitter account and a personal account of their own. Some companies with varied product offerings also use multiple accounts to easily post updates to alert clients of their different promotions and new services. This is practical in the case of, let’s say, a large resort company, where there are several amenities such as a golf course, a spa, a restaurant, and a 5-star hotel. Setting up multiple accounts allow for ease of regular updating, organizing and tracking of Tweets. The golf course could tweet available tee times for the following day to followers interested in this information, the restaurant could tweet the restaurant specials to a completely different set of followers and the spa could tweet about their promotions to another totally separate target market.

As Twitter is a public social networking site, it is but proper that the Tweets you input should always be appropriate, and should not contain any information that you might regret making known to many. These microblog posts are much less scripted and less edited than most writings and so be very careful on what and how you Tweet. Remember that Twitter is all about establishing relationships, so much like an actual dialogue, a bad Tweet can leave a damaging impression.

Here are other best practices to maximize your business potential with the help of Twitter:

  • Always look out for comments, praises, suggestions about your company’s services and products. Find time to address concerns and thank people when complimented.
  • It helps to add a personal touch to your Tweets. People respond better to Tweets with a casual and friendly tone.
  • Don’t forget to reply to questions directed at you.
  • Make people feel good by ReTweeting messages that you like.
  • Do not SPAM other Twitter users.
  • If you’ve just introduced a new product or service, do not hesitate to ask for customer feedback.
  • Stop, Look and Listen. A great way to benefit from the huge amount of information available on Twitter is just to sit back and listen in on the conversations. In that way, you learn more about your customer’s comments, what the competitors are doing better than you, and how you can improve your business model.

Happy Tweeting! :)

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