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Viral Marketing


Viral marketing is word-of-moth marketing or “word-of-mouse” marketing online. It’s the old “they tell two friends” and “they tell two friends” and “they tell two friends” online version of old shampoo and “Chicklets” ads on television.

Viral marketing can be extremely effective online, if you do it right, to have web site visitors “spread the word” on your products, your services, your destination, your specials, your packages, …. By using viral marketing you increase your reach exponentially. When you “incentivize” your viral marketing opportunities you increase it even more.

When someone receives your information from a friend it automatically appears to be a 3rd party endorsement or recommendation.

For viral marketing to work well it must be targeted and easy to use.

In this session I’ll provide you with all the tips, tools, techniques and resources to be able to incorporate viral marketing effectively into your Internet Marketing Strategy.

You will learn:
  • What is viral marketing
  • Why it is an important element in Internet marketing
  • How viral marketing works
  • How I can incorporate viral marketing throughout my web site
  • How I can incorporate viral marketing through other markets that have my target market as their visitors
  • How I can incorporate viral marketing through my outbound Internet marketing activities
  • Tips, tools, techniques and resources related to viral marketing
  • Great Internet Marketing Resources

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What People are Saying:
"Clear, engaging speaker.Timely topic. Lots of \"new to me\" information."
-Mr. C Lee, Boal Mansion Museum
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