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Internet Marketing Webinar Program

 Want to have an online business?
Want to sell your products and services via the Internet?
Want to sell more online?

This program will be delivered by Susan Sweeney, CA, CSP, HoF, E-Business expert, author of 5 Internet Marketing books including "101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site" “101 Internet Businesses You Can Start From Home”, “The Formula for e-Business Success” and "Internet Marketing for Your Tourism Business" and speaker on Internet marketing at over 40 conferences annually.

The Internet has changed the way we do business locally, nationally and internationally. This technology provides the most cost-effective, time-efficient means of reaching an international customer. The Internet creates a level playing field, gives you an enormous geographic reach, put you directly in touch with important decision makers and allow you to build a reputation quickly. Today you can sell your products and services anywhere as long as you have a  Web site and know how to generate targeted traffic to that site. Want to learn how to do this right?

The Internet Marketing Tele-Seminar Program is a 20 session educational program that will be delivered to participants live via the Internet twice a month. Participants will simply go to a designated web site, dial a specific telephone number, sit back and enjoy the presentation – the visual is provided through the Internet and the audio is provided via telephone. This technology allows the participants to interact with the host either verbally or in text format throughout the presentation. At the end of each session time would be provided for an interactive Question and Answer period.

Benefits of using this methodology:

  1. Anyone anywhere can participate without travel cost or spending time away from the office. 
  2. This program is delivered during office hours.
  3. Session timing and spacing is such that lessons learned in one session can be implemented before the next session.
  4. Allows for multiple participants at each location.
  5. Opportunity for online networking.
  6. Significant content can be provided in the one hour session length – yet it is easily digestible.
  7. Downloadable copies of the presentation provide reference material as well as presentation copies should a participant choose to only use the audio portion of the program for any reason.


Session Topics

  • Past, Present and Future Trends
  • Web Site Design and Development Methodology
  • Search Engine Optimization Methodology
  • Designing Your Site to be Search Engine Friendly
  • Link Popularity and Link Relevancy and Search Engine Positioning
  • What lse is in the Search Engine Algorithm
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission
  • Pay-Per-Click & Sponsored Listing with the Search Engines
  • Web Site Critique
  • Generating Repeat Traffic
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Podcasting & Videocasting
  • Blogs, Wiki's & RSS Feeds
  • Permission Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Private Mail List Marketing
  • Media Relations & eZine Marketing
  • Revenue Generation, Partnering & Cross Promotion
  • Effective marketing with Landing Pages
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Traffic Analysis & Web Metrics
  • Future Trends

Who should Participate?

Tour Operators | Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfast Operators | State & Regional
Associations | Government | Travel & Tourism Professionals | Cruise Lines | Resorts & Golf Courses | Conventions & Visitors Bureaus | Hospitality & Tourism Associations Economic Development Agencies | Webmasters & Developers | Tourism Marketing Professionals | Destination Marketers | Tourism Consultants | Anyone who is involved in the tourism industry and is responsible for increasing business to their operation.

How Does This Work?

  • Register  for the program.
  • You will be provided with a telephone number to listen to the session, the Internet address to view the presentation and a schedule of the time and dates of the live sessions
  • At the designated time, go to the web site, dial the telephone number, sit back and enjoy the presentation – the visual is provided through the Internet and the audio is provided through the telephone. The technology allows the participants to interact with the presenter either verbally or in text format throughout the presentation. At the end of each session there will be an interactive Question and Answer period.  

    When Do We Start?

    Anticipated start is January 26th, 2007 and will finish in November 23rd, 2007. We will have continuous programs. Keeping checking back for new dates! Upon registration you will receive a detailed schedule of all sessions.
  • What People Are Saying About Susans Sessions

    "A wealth of information. Excellent tips for increasing visibility and visitation through easy methods. I am excited to apply these lessons to our site, and feel the seminar will serve me well down the road as well. Excited to apply several lessons and/or change features that are currently weak. Thorough command of material and presentation is well done."
    - Mark Wagnon, SC Parks Recreation & Tourism

    "This is one of the most inspiring, rejuvenating and informative seminars I have ever attended. You can't help being interested when the presenter communicates so well. Fabulous!"

    - Vanessa Gaimari, Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau"I learned so many things that will help make my site faster, nicer looking,get higher search engine rankings, attract more customers, bring them back, etc.I was very happy with the step-by-step descriptions of most sections. It really makes you see how manageable everything can be and that you don't have to be an expert to have an attractive, high traffic site. I think there's a lot of information I will be able to take back and use immediately. Susan treated everyone with respect and answered and encouraged questions. A lot of energy!"
    - Debbie Gibb, Travel Adventures

    "The Best, most comprehensive educational program I have ever attended.It not only lived up to my expectations but exceeded them. Wonderful step by step process for re-designing our Web site and preparing for future marketing strategies."
    - Larry Sieg, Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority.

    "I learned a lot! I thought by looking at the agenda that I knew most of this,but I didn't! It exceeded my expectations. It really reinforced things that I knew had to be done but wasn't sure how to go about doing it. I'm hoping to take this knowledge back to our whole web and marketing team. Excellent, Excellent."
    - Mary Bishop, Virginia Tourism Corporation

    What does this cost?

    Registration Rates
    Per Session $49.95 US
    Full Program** $850 US
    **The full program includes:
    • a copy of Susan's book "101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site"
    • a certificate of completion
    Registration must be accompanied by full payment to be confirmed.

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    What People are Saying:
    "So much valuable information. Did not seem lengthy. Time flew! Met and exceeded expectations. Clear, concise and enjoyable! Great and easy to follow. "
    -Sharon Meyers, Woodward Camp
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