Volume 2 Issue 5

May 17-18, 2004 Toronto
June 7-8, 2004
North Carolina

More dates and locations being finalized!

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Hi Friend,

I have had a number of inquiries related to Blogs and Blogging so I decided it would be appropriate to cover it in a newsletter. Today's newsletter topic is Blogs. Click here to access the newsletter with great tips, tools, techniques and resources. 

There are many of you in the process of revamping your web site or building a new website. This Friday I am delivering a web based tele-seminar on Web Site Design and Development Methodology. This is a must for you. This session will also be great for those of you who want to work more effectively with your web developer. Details can be accessed in the Tele-seminar section of my web site. This works great ... you sit at your desk and at the designated time you call the number provided for the audio and go to the web address provided for the presentation - the slides automatically change in front of your eyes. These are "live". Each presentation lasts for about 50 minutes and then we have 10 minutes of Q&A. For more information on the tele-seminars, how this works, the topics and to register visit my site http://www.susansweeney.com/tele_seminars.php 

We also have two Tourism Internet Marketing Bootcamps  coming up. The first on November 24th and 25th in Midland, Ontario and the second on December 1st and 2nd in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Ontario Bootcamp is our first in Canada, the location is 90 miles north of Toronto Pearson Airport on beautiful Georgian Bay, and, yes, this Bootcamp is offered in Canadian dollars! The Myrtle Beach Bootcamp will be of great interest to the golfers. We have a great room rate which is extended before and after the Bootcamp for those wishing to get a few games in.

Would you like a Bootcamp to come to your location? Drop me an e-mail and I will let you know how you can go about making it a reality. Would you like to be kept informed of future bootcamp dates and locations? Drop me a line and I will let you know as details as new Bootcamps are finalized.

Feel free to pass this newsletter on to a friend you think would enjoy it. If you received this e-mail through a friend and would like to join our mailing list, click here. Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, and I hope you find the information I provide valuable in achieving your online goals.



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