Volume 2 Issue 6

January 30, 2004
Permission Marketing

February 13, 2004
Viral Marketing

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Dates and locations being finalized! If you would like a Bootcamp in your area please contact me. We hold a Bootcamp anywhere we have 10 committed participants.

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Welcome to Susan Sweeney's Internet Marketing Newsletter. Today's topic is Spam Filters . Stop by here to access the newsletter with great tips, tools, techniques and resources.

I am in the process of organizing Tourism Internet Marketing Bootcamps for the next 6 months. If you would like a Bootcamp in your area and feel that there would be at least 10 others that would feel the same way please contact me.

Our next webinar is being held tomorrow at 1pm EST and the topic is Permission Marketing . On February 13 our webinar topic is Viral Marketing. How much easier can it be? Learn all you need to know without even leaving your office! The visual portion of the seminar is received through your Internet browser and the audio portion is delivered through your phone. If you have a topic that you would like discussed please let us know by e-mailing me. For upcoming dates and topics visit the webinar section of our Web site. .

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Spam Filters
Todays Hot Topic is Spam Filters and the Common Challenges They Pose to Legitimate E-mail Marketing >>. more

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