Volume 2 Issue 9

May 17-18, 2004

June 7-8, 2004
North Carolina

More dates and locations being finalized!

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13. Public Mail List Marketing and Direct Mail List Marketing
1PM EST, April 27, 2004

14. Newsgroup, Discussion Group, Forum Marketing
1PM EST, May 5, 2004

15. Banner Advertising
1PM EST, May 21, 2004

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Donít miss this Friday's tele-seminar!
Many people donít even know that public mail lists and direct mail lists with ton of your target market as subscribers already exist. Join me for this 60 minute tele-seminar and learn:

Public Mail List Marketing

  • How to find appropriate publicly accessible Mail Lists
  • How to subscribe to the Public Mail List
  • How to write messages that will be read
  • The 4 critical elements to Public Mail List marketing
  • Mail List netiquette
  • Great Resources for Public Mail List Marketing

Direct Mail List Marketing
  • How Direct Mail List companies work
  • How to find an appropriate Direct Mail List company
  • How to work with the Direct Mail List company
  • What this costs
  • Tips on converting the Direct Mail list to your own
  • Great Resources for Direct Mail List Marketing

This weeks tele-seminar details:
Public Direct Mail List Marketing/Direct Mail List Marketing
Friday, April 23, 2004
1PM- 2:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Registration Fee $49.95

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Search Engine Optimization
The thrid in a series on Search Engines - How they work, How to Optimize Your Site, How to participate in the Pay-To-Play Search Engines. more

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