Volume 3 Issue 5

14. Blogs, RSS feeds and Prodcasting
1PM EST, September 8, 2006

15. Online Advertising
1 PM EST, September 22, 2006

16.Links, Link Popularity, Links Relevancy, Meta-Index
1 PM EST, October 6, 2006

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I will be doing lots of Private Label Internet Marketing Bootcamps over the coming year so, if you haven’t got your order in yet, give me a call. The Private Label Bootcamps are where a state/province, an industry association, a DMO or other organization hires me to deliver the Tourism Internet Marketing Bootcamp to their group. They decide what to charge the individual attendees. Makes it affordable for all attendees and provides a real win/win situation. The tourism operators in their area are doing more business online and everyone is working together to bring more tourists to your destination.

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Landing Page Essentials Part 5 of 5
This is part
3 in a 5 part series on the importance of landing pages.more

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